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EXT/INT Memory Parts

EXT/INT Memory Parts

Memory Parts are divided by External / Internal storage. We suggest/provide items with good-quality/ competitive price to meet client’s requests.

External Memory Products

External Memory Products consist of MUP, SD-Card and Micro SD-Card.


Mobile USB is an external USB drive with dual interfaces for extending mobile phone memory by using an OTG connector for smartphone it can backup and exchange data

  • Micro UDP 3.0
    Micro UDP 3.0
  • mup 3.0
    MUP 3.0 (3)
  • Micro MUP
    Micro MUP
  • Micro UDP 2.0
    Micro UDP 2.0

SD Card

  • SD-Card

Micro SD-Card

  • EXTINT-Memory-Parts_13
    Micro SD-Card


External Memory Products
Interface Micro MUP 2.0 / UDP 3.0 Industrial SD
Capacity Micro MUP 2.0 : 8GB/16GB/32GB/64GB SD : 16GB/32GB/64GB/128GB/256GB/512GB
Micro MUP 3.0 : 8GB/16GB/32GB/64GB Micro SD : 16GB/32GB/64GB/128GB/256GB
Operating Voltage Pixel Size 6.35 um x 7.4 um
Operating Temp Effective Image Area 4622.8 um x 3611.2 um
Power Consumption Optical Format 1/3 inch
Humidity Max. Clock frequency 54 MHz
Dimensions Micro MUP 2.0 : 24.6mm X 11.3mm X 1.4mm SD : 24mm X 32mm X 2.1mm
Micro MUP 3.0 : 34.4mm X 11.3mm X 1.3mm Micro SD : 15mm X 11mm X 0.7mm

Internal Memory Products

Internal Memory Products consist of eMMC and SSD.


Capacity from 8GB to 128GB, under both consumer and industrial grade. eMMC is an embedded storage solution with high performance at a competitive cost, high quality and low power consumption.

  • SD-Card
  • Micro SD-Card
    Micro SD-Card


Capacity from 32GB to 256GB, under both consumer and industrial grade. It can be used in laptops, desktops, vehicle multimedia
terminals, Car  video recorder, Thin Clients and other industrial applications in various industrial equipment

  • SSD
  • SSD
  • SSD

Scope of Customization & Sourcing Process

Technical Supporting / checking if memory card can be used in the final products
(If cards can becompatiblein the products or not), when the final items developed
Suggesting which wafer brand is better for items, to meet the item’s specifications
Providing Logo printing, attaching the sticker, packing service

Process of order production

Process of order production